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Retirement Fund

Purpose of this page: this page describes profits are invested into a Retirement fund. Partners earn shares in this fund each month. 5% of monthly profit is automatically invested into Exchange Traded Funds. Partners vest shares in this fund every month.

Exchange traded Funds

This 10% is split evenly between two Exchange traded fund:

The retirement funds are traded openly on the stock market, so Partners can always know what the value of their shareholding is.

Vesting by Partners

All partners are entitled to the Retirement Fund. Once a partner has passed their probation period (3 months) they immediately begin vesting a “share” in the fund. Vesting occurs in monthly cliffs. The number of shares that they vest each month depend on their tier

  • Full Partner (weighting = 10)
  • Senior Partner (weighting = 7)
  • Junior Partner (weighting = 3)


If there are one of each partner (all starting at the same time), then after one year the ownership in the Retirement Fund would look like the following:

alt text

If we used the same scenario, but the

alt text

Use of these funds by Kade

Kade will not use these funds for business. The funds belong to the Partner

Buying and selling the shares by Partners

Since the ETF’s are traded publicly, any Partner can sell their shares at the market rate.

Leaving the company

There is no requirement to sell the shares in the fund when a Partner leaves.

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