Our manifesto is an open declaration of how we operate. As with any practical policy, it is constantly changing to accomodate real world challenges. To see a full history and incremental improvements check out our manifesto repository.

The manifesto is not designed to be universally applicable. It is designed to help a group of like-minded people work together and gain practical insights to organisational theory.

Collective Assets

Purpose of this page: to outline the key assets that all members of the Kade Collective have at their disposal.

This Kade Collective have numerous assets that can be used across any projects. All expenses are covered by Kade.

Technological & Software (a mixture of free and paid services)

Development / Tech
  • Hosting: AWS & GCP
  • Domain registration: AWS and Namecheap
  • Source management: Github & Bitbucket
  • Continuous integration servers: CircleCI
  • Monitoring and error reporting tools: Sentry, Datadog
  • In-house hardware: GTX970 GPU’s for AI/Deep Learning
Communication & Collaboration tools
  • Internal comms: Slack
  • Email systems: Office 365, Google, internal
  • Design: Figma / Invision
  • Project collaboration: Trello(? Maybe only Airtable), JIRA
  • Wiki: GitHub
Marketing and Analytics
  • Customer support: Intercom or LiveChat, integrated with wit.ai
  • Mailing systems: Mailtrain
  • Image stock: Shutterstock
  • Media and online presence: Buzzbundle
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, CompassCo
  • Data warehouse: Snowplow self hosted
  • Password: Lastpass
  • File sharing: Dropbox
  • Payment Gateway: Stripe
  • Accounting: Zipbooks

Talent pool (non-partners)

These talents will be brought in-house once the workload is sufficient

  • Digital marketing experts
  • Content creators
  • Data scientist
  • Accounting and admin

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