Our manifesto is an open declaration of how we operate. As with any practical policy, it is constantly changing to accomodate real world challenges. To see a full history and incremental improvements check out our manifesto repository.

The manifesto is not designed to be universally applicable. It is designed to help a group of like-minded people work together and gain practical insights to organisational theory.

Transparency Policy

Internal transparency

Everyone who is part of the Kade Collective practices Radical Condor. This means that we are 100% transparent internally. Everything to do with strategy and personal performance is discussed openly.

Public facing transparency

The following is public

  • Salaries
  • Profit
  • Revenues
  • Traffic
  • General Practices

What are the exceptions?

  • Company valuations (this is because it may scare off investors. If their appetitie is public, then it could harm them when trying to close deals in the future)
  • If a project does not directly belong to us, we will only expose information that already publicly available
  • We will not expose any practices which give us a competitive advantage

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