Our manifesto is an open declaration of how we operate. As with any practical policy, it is constantly changing to accomodate real world challenges. To see a full history and incremental improvements check out our manifesto repository.

The manifesto is not designed to be universally applicable. It is designed to help a group of like-minded people work together and gain practical insights to organisational theory.

Running Projects in Silos

Profits are paid monthly to Partners in the Kade Collective. This frequency gives the Collective a mindset to incrementally improve the parts of the business that makes it more successful. This policy creates a challenge in that we need track each project individually for continuous improvement.

All projects are tracked via Google Analytics and Compass. Each project is siloed to cover the key aspects of the project’s health:

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Traffic
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)

Additional ways of separating

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