Our manifesto is an open declaration of how we operate. As with any practical policy, it is constantly changing to accomodate real world challenges. To see a full history and incremental improvements check out our manifesto repository.

The manifesto is not designed to be universally applicable. It is designed to help a group of like-minded people work together and gain practical insights to organisational theory.

Frat House

Purpose of this page: this page describes how the incubator works. TL;DR: Kade will incubate other companies in exchange for 10% equity. Kade will provide seed capital, expertise, and access to all collective assets.

Frat House

  • give 20K USD
  • take 10% equity
  • Partners help build the company
  • companies need to adhere to the transparency policy (show numbers, traffic etc) - this will be published by Kade each month anyhow. Valuations are not required to be

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