Profit Sharing

Purpose of this page: this page describes how full time employees are compensated once they become part of the Kade Collective.

Frat House

Purpose of this page: this page describes how the incubator works. TL;DR: Kade will incubate other companies in exchange for 10% equity. Kade will provide seed capital, expertise, and access to all collective assets.

Retirement Fund

Purpose of this page: this page describes profits are invested into a Retirement fund. Partners earn shares in this fund each month. 5% of monthly profit is automatically invested into Exchange Traded Funds. Partners vest shares in this fund every month.

Collective Assets

Purpose of this page: to outline the key assets that all members of the Kade Collective have at their disposal.


Transparency Policy

Internal transparency Everyone who is part of the Kade Collective practices Radical Condor. This means that we are 100% transparent internally. Everything to do with strategy and personal performance is discussed openly. Public facing transparency The following is public Salaries Profit Revenues Traffic General Practices What are the exceptions? Company valuations (this is because it may scare off investors. If their appetitie is public, then it could harm them when trying to close deals in the future) If a project does not directly belong to us, we will only expose information that already publicly available We will not expose any practices which give us a competitive advantage

The Sport Star Policy

Overview Sport stars must be high performers Sport stars are team players Sport stars look after themselves. They take time of when you need it Sport stars love what they do Get back to work as soon as they are ready

Reasonable Person Policy

Nothing to see here … yet Only argue with people who seek the truth

The "Fristy" Protocol

Nothing to see here … yet


Running Projects in Silos

Profits are paid monthly to Partners in the Kade Collective. This frequency gives the Collective a mindset to incrementally improve the parts of the business that makes it more successful. This policy creates a challenge in that we need track each project individually for continuous improvement. All projects are tracked via Google Analytics and Compass. Each project is siloed to cover the key aspects of the project’s health: Revenue Expenses Traffic Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Lifetime Value (LTV) Additional ways of separating AWS tags: https://aws.

30 minute rule

When you get stuck, you should spend 30 mins trying to solve it yourself After you have spent 30 mins, you must reach out for help when you reach out for help you should state the things that you have tried when you have a problem you should always present 3 possible solutions

The Evaluation Framework

Generally a set of “company values” are useless. The only value we hold at Kade is improvement. Outside of that, individuals are welcome to improve in whatever they believe in. Below is a broad range of attributes that an individual can focus on which we believe contributes the most to themselves and the team. Each atrribute represents one of many day-to-day practices that a team member with have, and they are grouped into three broad “roles” - Business Owner, Team Leader, and High Performer.

Weekly Routine

Mandatory Daily: scrum Wednesday: workday Optional Tuesday Planning day - what work to do tomorrow Friday Manifesto retrospective - make changes to the manifesto Swarming Superstars (go up) vs rockstars (go out) - thought partners: how to manage Superstars